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Meet the Founder and CEO

Brandy Walker, LPCMH, NCC

Delaware Licensed Professional of Clinical Mental Health

National Certified Counselor

I'm so glad you've decided to visit our site! I have a natural desire to help others, but I really took interest in providing counseling to others after my father passed and, finding out after he passed that he suffered from depression. Drug usage was how he coped with the feeling of depression. I thought to myself, if only he sought out help to cope with how he felt, he possibly would still be here today. Experiencing losing him and becoming aware of his struggles gave me a drive to help others through counseling, so we (myself included) learn how to cope with our feelings versus succumbing to them.

I have provided mental health counseling for over 10 years, improving the functioning of individuals, couples and families utilizing numerous therapy techniques for various issues. 

I look forward to working on and through what you want to resolve and/or cope with! You're not alone, I'm here for YOU!!

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them”

Maya Angelou

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